Saturday, October 13, 2007

Well, hello world

I have nothing much to say besides I remain deeply in awe of Elizabeth I.

Yes, she was flawed. Horribly, massively, moodily flawed, but aren't we all? And she had a true and razor sharp brilliance concealed beneath that so human of facades. She used everything she had, and she didn't have much, to propel England, a tiny little island off the coast of France, wildly depleted by the hedonism and insanity of her royal predecessors, to a position of peace, prosperity, and power. Anyone who doesn't revere Elizabeth has something wrong with them. C'mon.


Michalis said...

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Connor said...

xD Wow, Rebekah. You're already getting spam comments.

Rebekah Ruth said...

I know, I feel totally loved

Hooray for Spam!

Connor said...

xD Indeed.