Friday, November 16, 2007

Quizzedy Fun

Your Score Is.... 100%!

Congratulations, you scored in the highest percentile. You don't let very many mispronunciations slip by. No sir, not you. You speak quite properly, and everyone is impressed with your command of the English language. But do keep in mind, you probably come across as bookish and pedantic!

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Connor said...

Rebekah, you always (at Winburn, at least) pronounced "probably" as "prahb-lee."

Rebekah Ruth said...

I most certainly did not.
I feel offended.

Well, I did at times, but only to produce a subtle caricature of our abundance of Morons of Mispronounciation.
I did that (the above) on numerous occasions.

Connor said...

Ummm...Well, then your entire middle school experience must have been a mass of caricatures. Because I never once heard you say "probably."