Monday, September 24, 2007

Accursed Adolescence-induced Misery

Well, I fear my central control unit has undergone a rather severe mutiny recently, with sensibility being trampled into the dust of abandonment by those raucous demons of moodiness, leaving me rather acultely embarrassed by my so recent emotional intemperance. Basically, I was a blubbery tub of irrationality all through first and second hours, provoked into a steady stream of tears by my impending academic failure.

But oh well, at least I've got some semblance of intellect still rattling about in my skull, which is more than what many can claim for themselves (stares pointedly at classmates in various classes). Oh, the pain of puff-headedness. Vapidity reigns supreme over the realm of Lexingtonian teenagers, I can assure you that.

Right, also, I had being a hormonal teenager. Oh, accursed adolescence-induced misery. Damn it to the deepest pits of Hell.

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