Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh, the triviliaites of youth

Right, so I have two things of note.

First, in case you didn't notice, if the general 'you' is actually there reading this, otherwise it'll sound like I'm writing to the computer, this is a blog. It's a quite spiffing invention by someone from somewhere where people can write about their thoughts and people can read them. It's right nifty.

Second: wait, no. I just forgot it. Right. Well, marching right along.

Third, I say 'Right' a lot. I figure it's the idiosyncratic interpretation of the ever-popular 'like.'

Again, swiftly galumphing forward.

Teenagers, as a huge shock to everyone involved, can actually be quite cruel. I'll have to sic my garden gnome minions on them soon. And, as another huge surprise to all, most of them are not nerds. This, of course, came as an inordinant shock to me, who so recently was parading about with a horde of eccentric children who proudly waved the "Nerd" banner and trumpeted "White & Nerdy" as their theme song.

God, I miss the nerds. I miss them desperately.

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